Welcome to The Measure

February 15, 2010

This project is purely a work of play and vanity.  I have long enjoyed flash fiction (short short stories) and write them myself.  Recently, I’ve been working on a long piece of writing and, having hit a block, find that writing short shorts helps unclog the pipes.

As a music junkie, my iTunes is rarely silent, and as I write I find that the music I’m into influences my stories.  Characters demand playlists and entire soundtracks develop over the course of my writing process.  Music has a way of immediately tapping an emotional reservoir–it’s a jackhammer where literature is often a toy trowel (dig dig dig).   So, in order to inject some discipline into my writing life, I thought it would be fun to pick one song per post and use it as the germ of a story, and then share both, without comment or context.

In the nature of keeping content on this blog fresh, I’m giving myself a time limit of 90 minutes to produce each story.  After that, it will be posted in all its Frankensteinish glory.  For me, the point is less to produce polished stories than it is to simply have fun with production.

I’m excited to see how these stories develop and equally excited to hunt through my music library for inspiration.

Note:  All music on this site is copyright its individual owners.  It will be removed if requested.  All text is copyright me.  It will be removed if my icky monster of self-consciousness gets the better of me.